Daily News: Dongo lashes timid war vets

By: Fungisai Kwaramba 

Firebrand democracy activist, Margaret Dongo, says war veterans and other liberation struggle stalwarts have an inexplicably pervasive fear of President Robert Mugabe, an unwelcome situation that is giving the nonagenarian free reign to misrule both Zanu PF and Zimbabwe.

Speaking to the Daily News yesterday in the wake of the death of two war veterans, Freedom Nyamubaya and Brigadier General Stephen Mao Hurungudo, the fearless Dongo said the way that Mugabe and Zanu PF were monopolising Heroes Acre in Harare symbolised this “unhealthy” state of affairs.

Nyamubaya died a fortnight ago, with Mugabe and Zanu PF refusing to confer her with national hero status — which many Zimbabweans thought she deserved — and with the minister of War Veterans Chris Mutsvangwa the sole voice in government who pushed visibly for her to be recognised as such.

The body of Hurungudo, who died last week, is apparently still at a Harare funeral parlour, waiting for Mugabe to pronounce on his status.

The miffed Dongo said Zanu PF had now demonstrated beyond doubt that real heroes were not an issue in the country and could be “forgotten” at the whims of one man and a few of his close minions.

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