Margaret Dongo is a trailblazing Zimbabwean politician, human rights activist, former MP, and former freedom fighter. (Photo credit: Göran Göransson)

Mugabe a pseudo war veteran – Margaret Dongo

By Kenneth Matimaire, Nehanda Radio | Link to article

Mutare – Former ally turned fierce Robert Mugabe critic, Margaret Dongo has questioned the Zimbabwean leader’s liberation war credentials, insisting he was merely a war prisoner with no proven experience on the battlefront.

She was supported by Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF) Masvingo women’s wing executive, Shylet Uyoyo who said this was evidenced by that Mugabe had no known guerrilla name to prove he played any significant part in the struggle.

Dongo was addressing a recent ZimPF rally in Mutare where she sarcastically urged voters to obey Mugabe’s vows Zimbabwe will never be ruled by those who never fought the war.

“The President (Mugabe) said we don’t want the country to be led by people who didn’t fight the war and we don’t have a problem with that. Now we have our very own cadre (Joice Mujuru) who fought in the liberation war,” said Dongo, now a Joice Mujuru admirer.

“So it’s time up for war prisoners to lead the country, we want those who actually fought in the war to be voted into power during the next election.”

Mugabe was a political prisoner under the colonial Rhodesian government from 1964 to 1974.

Although later turning out to become the face of the bitter guerrilla warfare that delivered independence in 1980, there has been no oral or documented history linking the now 92 year-old leader to the holding of a gun.

When his rule came under fierce threat from the opposition MDC, President Mugabe vowed he will never allow the country to be led by non-war veterans.


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