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Below is what a few people who have closely worked with Ms. Dongo have to say about the influence of her life and work. Plus a few quotes from the world’s leading media organizations.

Harare South was a brutal and lonely fight for Dongo:

Harare South was a brutal and lonely fight for Dongo

"It was a brutal and lonely fight for Dongo. Zanu PF put all its resources in campaigning for Vivian Mwashita who had been Dongo's best friend. They had the control of the media, government resources, top politicians went into Harare South to de-campaign Dongo. Senior Zanu PF female politicians for their own political survival took sides with the men."

Grace Kwinjeh

Despite death threats, an unrelenting campaign for democracy:

Dongo's unrelenting campaign for democracy in Zimbabwe

"Everything about Margaret Dongo, a 38-year-old mother of three, is remarkable – particularly her unrelenting campaign, despite death threats and intimidation, to bring democracy to President Robert Mugabe’s one-party state. She is arguably the only revolutionary left in a parliament where the Zanu- PF party – which in 1980 finally wrested Zimbabwe from white colonial rule – holds 147 of the 150 seats."

The Independent (UK) (May, 1998)

The Best:

Best role model and mentor

Margaret Dongo tops the list of my role models and mentors.

They wish they had Margaret’s courage:

The late John Makumbe on Zanu PF politicians and Margaret Dongo

“In parliament they all hate her. But deep down they wish they had her courage. They phone her in the middle of the night to say ‘keep it up’. But to say so publicly would be political suicide.”

Late Professor John Makumbe, University of Zimbabwe