Need Some Help Passing The Enrolled Agents Exam?

Help Passing The Enrolled Agents Exam

As exams go, the enrolled agent exam may very well be one of the most difficult exams you’ll ever face. That’s because enrolled agents represent taxpayers who have issues with the IRS. While attorneys and CPA’s can also represent taxpayers, an enrolled agent is essentially a combination of both. In order to become an enrolled agent you’ll have to have either worked for years for the IRS and meet criteria in Circular 230 or apply for and pass all sections of the Special Enrollment Examination or the EA exam. After that, you’ll have to have a background check to ensure that you’ve not done anything that would have an attorney, CPA or enrolled agent disbarred from practicing in front of the IRS.

Unless you’ve had years of experience working for the IRS, you’ll have to pass all sections of the EA exam. While you may have had years of experience as an attorney or certified public accountant, you’ll have to have the tax knowledge necessary to become an enrolled agent. This means hours of studying and preparation for the SEE will be required and having good enrolled agents exam prep will enable you to pass all the parts.

While you can take classes and have a live instructor, this may not work well with having a full time job. Unless you can find EA prep classes at night, you may not be able to fit classes into your work schedule. Another drawback to this plan of attack is the fact that it is expensive since you’ll be paying tuition as well as buying books and materials. However, if you opt for an online learning environment with a well prepared enrolled agents exam prep package, not only will you be able to do it as time permits, but you’ll be able to save money as well.

Well designed packages will include all the study materials you’ll need and with an adaptive learning environment you’ll be able to study your way. Included sample exams will give you the ability to see just how ready you are for the actual enrolled agents exam and if necessary, you can go back and work on areas you’re weak in. While good EA prep packages aren’t inexpensive, they are significantly less expensive than taking classes at a college or university and a lot more flexible. If it’s your goal to become an enrolled agent, regardless if you have taken the RTRP exam, have had an IRS certification or neither, then you’ll want to have all the tools you need to pass the exam. Finding a good EA exam prep package will do that for you.